The What & How Of Being The '05 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Staying true to a pedigree is something that Jeep engineers- and executives - take seriously Very seriously

NISSAN'S Platform Play

The mid-size 2005 Pathfinder, Nissan's largest design and development program to date, involved three technical centers, and took 36 months and countless trans-Pacific trips to complete Though it borrows major components from the full-size Titan pickup and Armada SUV, it's not just a downsized clone

The Trends In CFD Are Continuous, Dynamic, And Real

A variety of new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software packages are just a mouse click away for part and product designers—with a lot more capability to boot!

Who Needs Paint?

Automakers have long dreamed of building assembly plants that don't need expensive, emissions-intensive paint shops With plastic film technologies maturing quickly that dream may soon be within reach

High-Performance Testing From Cosworth Technology—And You Thought They Only Built Engines

Although the number of engines that have been engineered by Cosworth that have won races is longer than an NBA player's arm, and while Cosworth Technology still has considerable involvement in engine design, engineering, casting, machining, and assembly, the company is increasingly involved in testing—not just of engines, but of entire vehicles, even those coming off of an assembly line

A Clean, Green, Mean Engine

The engineers at Ricardo are working on an engine that gives a four cylinder the power and smoothness of an eight by changing from a four-stroke to a two-stroke on demand

The New Honda Odyssey: Beyond The Mom-Mobile?

Honda shoots for a revolution with its updated benchmark minivan


Paying for Parts, Not the Machine (per se)

What do you do when you need to produce parts on a new VMC but don't want to invest in the equipment?

The Office

Office Series of machines from Haas Automation

Folding Money: Mini Drops Its Top

Available across the line for an extra 4,500, the Mini Convertible aims to set the standard in the premium compact convertible segment

Collaborative Horsepower

Collaboration could be a competitive advantage in engine manufacturing

Magnetic Fixturing for Agile Machining at GM

When it comes to engine parts machining, one of the most important aspects is something that tends to get far less attention than its importance merits: the fixturing

Hyundai goes flex in alabama

When the engine plant at the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (Montgomery, AL) opens next year, it will be one of the most modern, flexible operations found anywhere


The View from Bosch: China, Diesels, Hybrids, & More

Robert Bosch GmbH has been involved in the automotive industry for so long that in some cases it is far older than some of the OEMs it supplies

The Importance of Being Positive

How you view yourself, your colleagues and your company can help or hinder your career

Pardon the Disruption

What is the extent to which people in the auto industry—at OEM and suppliers alike—have a concept of what innovations are?

Detroit’s Socialists

My first trip to the nation’s capital was in 1994, during the announcement of President Clinton’s plans to nationalize health care “Hillary Care,” as it came to be known, was stopped dead in its tracks by the reasoned opposition of Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, who called into question the basic economics on which the plan was based

The New Realities of Demand & Supply

It has been an interesting year in the automotive industry