Looking @ Autodesk 2011

Robert Kross, senior vp, Manufacturing Industry Group, Autodesk, the developer of design software for engineering and entertainment, raised an interesting point: Why should a CAD package have less awesome images than a $50 game?

High Speed Carbon Fiber Molding

It’s easy to see the benefits of carbon fiber: light-weight, low density, high tensile strength, low thermal expansion.

Mustang Still Matters

Does a vehicle that has been in the market for 45+ years—a car that came to create the “pony car” category—have relevance in an age where not only is technology driving changes faster than reality show cast members meltdown and American Idol contestants are ridiculed?

Clarifying Steel


GM Pursues Augmented Reality

Thomas Seder sees a big part of the automotive interior that’s not being put to the use that it could be.

Still Swinging

Given that baseball season is now in full swing, it seems appropriate for a business book with a common baseball metaphor at its center to appear: How to Hit a Curveball: Confront and Overcome the Unexpected in Business by Scott R.

Fast Machining For Aluminum Forgings

With aluminum forgings increasingly being used in vehicle suspension systems, part suppliers are under pressure to increase their component output.


Competitive Challenges: Detroit Gets Back in the Game

How important is product to the industry turnaround?

Marginal: Auto Versus the Volcano

We probably don't spend a sufficient amount of time thinking about externalities because, oftentimes, they are non-obvious to us, and we have more things on our mind.

Objects of Interest

Torque Multiplier Display Wrench

The Stanley Proto Torque Multiplier Display Wrench eliminates the need for manual calculation on a torque multiplier by measuring torque directly at the fastener with an accuracy of ± 1% in both directions.

Series 4000i Marking System

Series 4000i marking system.

Variaxis 730-5X II Vertical Machining Center

The Variaxis 730-5X II from Mazak is designed for machining heavy-duty aluminum and steel parts with complex features.

CoroTurn HP Toolholder Features Coolant Jets

CoroTurn HP from Sandvik Coromant combines the Coromant Capto toolholder with high-pressure coolant jets to deliver fluid at up to 80 bars at the exact point of cut when combined with a negative insert in turning centers, vertical turning lathes, and multi-task machines.


Kia and The 2011 Sorento

There are a couple of points that Tom Loveless, vp of Sales, Kia Motors America, makes that are germane to how Kia—certainly one of the smaller brands in the U.S. market but growing (3% of the total market through November '09 sales, according to Autodata []) as some more well-known brands are in decline—is going to further establish itself in the market:1. "Value is the New Cool," he says, citing the overall economic decline that is causing not just a reduction in vehicle sales overall, but a shift in mindset among consumers, who may not be as established-brand-oriented as they once were.

F-Series Super Duty: More Than Brute Force

A truck like the Super Duty is a purpose-built tool. And the purpose of the 2011 model is to work hard, which is made possible by some serious engineering.

Rethinking The Seat

While none of these developments appears to be as though they'd be out of place in a contemporary car, they are really rather extraordinary. More importantly, they are essentially doable from a production standpoint.

Laser: The Disk Advantage

While no single piece of equipment is ideal for everything, those looking for a better way to perform production welding ought to consider these solid-state laser systems for speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.

What You Need To Know About PLM

PLM is about product, lifecycle, and management.

The Future Is And Costs Green

Toyota is testing the plug-in version of the Prius hybrid, with plans to go commercial in 2012. You may be surprised at what it does, what it costs, and why getting to a green future isn't going to be inexpensive.

The Future of Automotive Transportation

The reinvention of the car is not just going to be an exercise in transforming powertrains, particularly in the world of 2030, when 60% of the people on the planet will live in cities. Crowded cities.