Fixing the Inflation Situation

Ticker Tape Air Bag (TTAB) from Key Safety Systems, Inc.

The Art of Working Smart

Being more productive doesn’t mean working yourself to death.

ArvinMeritor’s Exhaust Strategy

To many, Zeuna Starker GmbH of Augsburg meant very little indeed.

When “Good” Quality Goes Bad

Costly recalls and vehicle launch hiccups are trailing indicators of how well or poorly an automaker’s systems are supporting high-quality output.

Generation “Why?”

What’s cool today is out of favor tomorrow, and chasing after this chimera is the road to ruin without the proper tools.

The Myth of Independent Greatness

 There is no such thing as a “solitary genius.”  Mozart was certainly a musical genius, but he needed other musicians to perform his works so that their magnificence could be both realized and recognized.


Injection molding for interiors—including fabrics

Plenty of interior components are injection molded. But some companies—such as VW—are using a process for trim pieces that both mold a component and cover it in fabric in a single molding process. And it is coming to the U.S. in the not-too-distant future.

Toyota Tacoma: 10 Years After

It's been 10 years since there has been a full-model change for this popular compact pickup. And with the '05 Tacoma, Toyota is showing just how serious it is about getting a bigger piece of the light-truck market in the U.S. not only though vehicle design and engineering, but by adding manufacturing capacity, as well.

Dakota: Unmistakably Dodge

With vehicles like the Chrysler 300 notwithstanding, Chrysler Group seems to be on a mission to create a dominant position in the truck market.

New Age Interiors

Be true to your attributes. Embrace conflict. Be authentic. No, these are not chapter headings for the latest self-help book, but some of the guidelines Johnson Controls, Inc. is using to frame the future of automotive interiors.

Ford Super Duty: It's All About Capability

Unlike the F-150, which has seemingly become more lifestyle accessory than workplace necessity, not too many of Ford's Super Duty trucks (F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550) are bought for show.

Science Fiction Steel

According to professor Gary Shiflet of the University of Virginia's School of Materials Sciences, "Most metals are crystalline, having atoms arranged periodically in three dimensions."

The Many Careers Of Phil Martens At One Company

Here's how one of the most successful executives in the auto industry achieved success at a company where he once decided he'd never want to work. What he's learned, may help you.

3D Modeling and Rendering for the Rest of Us

Car bodies, wheels, stick shifts, and so many other things are not simply assorted radii and straight lines.

Solid edge Makes "Design Intent" Affordable

Why A New Version of Solid Edge?

Inner Sense: Realistic Interior Technology

When they're not busy running nationwide "e-panels" with 16-year-old girls to see what they want in car interiors (a removable clothes closet and CD storage on the headliner, if you must know), investigating new materials ("bullfrog"* and bamboo are next), trying to integrate numerous suppliers on a program, or save features as budgets are cut, interior suppliers are working on new ideas. Things like positive-stop seat adjusters with a maximum of 2-mm engagement space, center consoles with integral vacuum cleaners, and modular storage systems that can be personalized or changed when the vehicle comes off lease. Or items like the following four that are quickly gaining acceptance with U.S. OEMs.

The Allure OF AWD

The battle between all-wheel-drive and rear-drive has just begun. Adapting front-drive to propel both the front and rear wheels would seem to be the smart answer for many automakers, but it may not be enough to pull their luxury models even with the image leaders.