October 2013


Diesel Comes to Ram 1500

Half-ton pickups are undergoing significant changes under the hood, as OEMs address fuel efficiency requirements without giving way in the capability arena. But no change of late is bigger than what Ram is doing: putting a diesel in the Ram 1500.

Moray Callum on Ford Design

You might think that nowadays, things might be easier for automotive designers, what with cars and trucks coming out every few years and all of those digital tools to accelerate their work. And you would be wrong. Just ask Moray Callum.

The Chassis Challenge for the Humvee Replacement

The U.S. Army and Marine Corps are in the midst of selecting the replacement for the Humvee, which will have a suspension system that eases the severity of traveling over the harshest terrain.

Geomagic Enhances 3D Capabilities for Realities Virtual and Actual

The latest enhancements in Geomagic’s software for metrology, mesh editing, and 3D modeling include new features, enhanced capabilities—and new product names.

Designing the 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Here’s what’s behind the design of what is arguably a compelling or a controversial Jeep, the 2014 Cherokee.

FEV: Pursuing & Developing Powertrain Performance

Making powertrain technologies work together isn’t enough, says FEV. Today, every system in the vehicle must work together to manage energy use.

Processors for Superior Performance in Automotive Apps

In the race to deploy more electronics-based systems, faster is better. And the processors from NVIDIA are awfully quick.


The Difference of Dodge

It isn’t about being different for the sake of being different. It is being different for the sake of having a position that separates you from other competitors.

How Suppliers Become Successful

In the end, suppliers need to focus on the core traits that generate above average, long-term shareholder return. Enterprise stability and sustainable growth through various obstacles and opportunities is critical.