Jaguar Assesses "Perfect", Parts That Aren't Perfect

In theory, an assembly design is perfect if all the parts are perfect. Knowing reality tends not to be perfect, Jaguar Cars used software to manage the dimensional variations that occur in every manufactured part.

LEAN As A Way of Work

Donnelly Corp. is a supplier company that is undergoing a change from being an efficient manufacturing company to a lean one. This isn't going to happen overnight. In fact, the man who is driving it forward knows that it will take years to happen. There aren't silver bullets, just a lot of lean thinking.

Portability Aids Measurement at GM Lansing

Here's a look at how body fit and finish are being achieved at the GM Lansing Assembly Plant with the help of portable coordinate measuring machines.

Working the Web

As product development becomes more and more a collaborative effort between OEMs and their suppliers, the chances that a development team will be in the same physical location shrinks. But organizing a project team doesn't necessarily have to mean hours of conference calls and flights to remote locations. It could just mean logging on.

Prius: A Look at Toyota's Hybrid

It will be coming to a driveway near you sometime around the end of the year 2000. The Prius uses a highly efficient powertrain setup that is not only peppy (we merged onto the Southfield Freeway from Ford Rd. with a Prius without a hitch—which as many of you know is no small feat) but energy efficient and is expected to have emissions output that meets the Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) requirements.

CMMs in the Styling Studio: More Capable than Before

Rover is using CMMs in the styling studio, not only for purposes of measurement, but also for model milling. Capable CMMs are helping bridge the gap between styling and engineering. By Rolf Röhm, Product Manager Horizontal-Arm Systems, Carl Zeiss Corporation and David Hope, Sales Manager Measurement & Testing Division, HK Technologies Ltd.