March 2012

March 2012


Of Water Pumps & Valve Trains

Regulations are driving vehicle manufacturers to find the ways and means to reduce fuel consumption. And German-based supplier KSPG has some things that can help.


As Cadillac is the GM brand that puts technological development to the forefront, it is the venue where there is a high-performance, consumer-electronic-device-like infotainment system debuting in the XTS, CUE.

Max Wolff: Leading Lincoln Design

“Lincoln, by its nature, is always going to be an American luxury brand,” says Max Wolff, its director of Design. Wolff, by the way, comes from Australia.

2012 Toyota Prius c: Urban Hybrid

Consider a car that is sized for the city and can get an EPA estimated 53 mpg while rolling in the urban environment, a car that doesn’t come equipped with a plug. It’s the Prius c.

Plastics Under the Hood

Using plastics under the hood in place of metals is something that’s been underway for the past 20 years. And the transitions continue.

An Eye on Ergonomics

Comfortable workers can be happier workers. And happier workers can contribute to better-quality production.

BASF Makes More Metal Replacements

BASF is addressing everything from the engine to seats with its polymer tech.

Covering All CAD Bases

Siemens PLM Software brings new versions of its CAx packages to market. Here’s a look.

Charging Electric Vehicles —Without a Plug

While you undoubtedly have a phone on your desk that’s wired to the wall, you also have one or more phones in your purse or pocket. And the company that helps make that mobile phone possible has turned its attention to electric vehicle charging—wireless charging.

Machines Designed for Powertrain Machining

The Makino a51nx horizontal machining center is based on the company’s a51 model.

Laser Ablation Improves Texture Consistency & Quality

A look at GF AgieCharmilles' laser ablation equipment.


How Will Automotive Address the Employment Challenge?

Some automotive suppliers offer this advice on dealing with the current environment: treat current employees well to keep a stable workforce. That is certainly a good foundation for long-term success, and something that smart companies figured out a long time ago.

On Electronics

Touch-free Interior Lighting; Smart Fibers; Anatomically-based Anti-theft System

The Green Guide

Accelerating hydrogen fuel production; Rocky Mountain Institute's think-and-do tank; Creating renewable rubber; Using agave and coconut to make biofibers.


When you think “rapid prototyping” via 3D printing you might think of models that aren’t particularly robust, models that are more show than go. But materials and equipment providers are developing materials that are functional as well as attractive. 


Sheet metal bending cell; vertical gear hobbing machines; high-speed laser cutting.

CAFE: Useful But Not Efficient

If the goal is to reduce the dependency on foreign oil and reduce greenhouse gas, CAFE standards aren’t the most efficient means.


GM Develops New Small Engine Family

GM is developing a new family of small-displacement Ecotec gasoline engines to provide better fuel economy and performance.

Three Things About the BMW 3 Series

Oliver Ganser is the BMW 3 Series product manager, BMW of North America.

MINI Goes Beyond Recycling

MINI collaborates with fashion designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi in an up-cycling effort.

Full-Body NVH Simulation

Full-vehicle noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) simulation through NVH Director from Altair Engineering.

2013 Hyundai Genesis: When is a Refresh Something Else Entirely?

The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe undergoes a “midcycle refresh” with an entirely new front end, along with interior modifications.