One of the things that’s often cited in the management literature vis-à- vis doing a good job is to have “constancy of purpose.” There is something to be said for being consistent on a mission, maintaining focus on the goal.

What Do Your People Want, Anyway?

One of your major challenges as a boss is to fit together the conduct of your department and the emotional characteristics of your people.

Telematics' Unanswered Questions

While there are plenty of definitions of “telematics,” consider it to be a collection of computer functions based in the vehicle.

The Suppliers' Pricing Challenge: It's the Same All Over

Globalization of the automotive industry enables more rapid transfer of many things, from tangible technologies to conceptual management practices.


Faster [And] Faster Go the Workstations

Workstations are faster, cheaper. This is new? No, except that we really mean faster and cheaper.

Flexible Finishing Made Simple(r)

What do you do if you want flexibility in painting but you want a limited amount? A typical paint robot may provide too much. A bell machine may provide too little. If the application is exteriors only, then the P-500 may be just right.

Been A Long Time. . .Cadillac Redefines Itself

With the introduction of the SRX sport utility and the XLR roadster, Cadillac is proving that it is on the road to redefining itself in a more substantive way than just through the clever use of a Led Zeppelin song in its advertising. But just watch it move.

To Finish First, First You Must Finish

There’s never enough time to accomplish what you want, or space to digest the lessons you’ve learned in Formula One, especially if you’re not one of the top (read well funded) teams. Determined to make the best use of its resources, Jordan Grand Prix asked Celerant Consulting for help. The results have more than paid for themselves.

Lofty Ideals

Nissan designers have reinterpreted the minivan as a stable and inviting living environment, not a box on wheels.

Gesture Interfaces for Automotive CONTROL: (Beyond Digital Expletives)

Researchers are taking the lowly hand gesture out of the realm of digital expletives and making it a full-fledged control interface. Soon, drivers will be able to command vehicle functions with the wave of a hand.

Hush: Improving NVH through improved material

How making structures with a specially engineered steel laminate can result in quieter cars.