Integrating APS and ERP is Getting Easier

Increasing numbers of manufacturers are turning toward advanced planning and scheduling systems to complement their enterprise resource planning systems One hitch: Integrating the two systems together

Fast Car, Fast Development

Callaway Cars' C12 is a lot more than just a souped-up `Vette Though still a relative of the current generation C5 Corvette, the C12 was completely reengineered to race at Le Mans in the GT2 class (which requires entries to be street-legal production derived cars) This gave the engineering team the challenge of designing an ultra-high performance vehicle in which everything new still fits on the original platform They accomplished this in just four months thanks to the use of powerful CAD technology

State of the Industry's Health

Ron Harbour and his associates have their fingers on the pulses of the world's major automakers—and they've been assessing the health of these companies for more than a decade Here's some of what he's diagnosed

Looking at Waterjets

Waterjet systems have come into their own for a variety of material cutting applications, whether it is for carpet and headliners or for door panels and instrument panels

Visteon: Speed, Experience, Vision

We talk with Craig Muhlhauser, a man who recognizes that talent, drive and enthusiasm play big roles in how well companies do "To be the best," he says, "we have to have the best people The companies with the best people will be the winners" And they're planning to win at Visteon

Putting the "I" in Integration

Parametric Technology Corp's (PTC, Waltham, MA) aggressive upgrade of Pro/ENGINEER (Pro/E) and its sibling design/analysis/manufacturing tools contain hundreds of enhancements

Report on LASERS

A quick look at some of the things that are going on in what is becoming an increasingly hot technology


Stick Shift: Leadership

When it comes to authors of business and management books, I suspect that Peter Drucker is more often cited than read; his books generally have a density that is off-putting, even though his ideas tend to be scintillating