Getting Better-Fast

Although the kaizen events that are on-going at the plants of Freudenberg-NOK—a few days and nights of concentrated process improvements—might lead many people at OEM and supplier companies to look on with surprise at how quickly changes are made and benefits are realized with these quick projects, what happened at its plant in Bristol, New Hampshire, during a three-month period would give pause to even savvy lean thinkers.

Engineering a Better Fascia

It is lighter, yet this TPO bumper system gives up nothing in the safety or durability departments. A whole group of people in a $32-million test facility made sure.

PDM: Organizing Data for Enterprise-Wide Usefulness

PDM deals with engineering design data and the interrelationship of those data up to when a product is actually built. Instead of reams of papers and prints stuck in folders—among other places—PDM provides desktop accessibility.

How to-and How Not to-Implement ERP

Here are a few important observations and recommendations from a Coopers & Lybrand consultant who has been spending a lot of time lately working with companies in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations.

Assembly Observed

Here are an assortment of items related to assembly technology...

Assembly Plants: How They Compare

Here's an overview of the study of assembly plant productivity that gets the undivided attention of all automakers: "The Harbour Report." Although the Big Three companies are getting better, they still have a way to go. But given the levels of competition, better won't be good enough for some plants, it seems.