January/February 2010

Jan/Feb 2010


Insight: OEM-Supplier Relations: 2009 & Beyond

In the 12 years since IRN Inc. began surveying the supply base on the dynamics of price reduction requests, the results have shown a pattern of intensifying pressure from customers on their suppliers during the period from 1997 to 2003, followed by diminishing demands from 2003 to 2009.

RE: Research January 2010

Your Next iPhone App: Keeping Current in the FactoryThis may be one occasion when playing with your iPhone at work is justified.

Marginal: Hot Air

There were two reports that I recently read that left me puzzled.

Competitive Challenges: Looking Back & Ahead

I'm not a forecaster or economist, but an analyst with a dangerous habit of prognostication. I can't miss the opportunity to look forward and talk about what to expect in 2010 and beyond. Everyone is happy that 2009 is behind us; now we have to look forward with some form of optimism.


Strong Steel Means Lighter Parts

Looking for a high-strength, light-weight material for demanding applications like a diesel engine?

Plastics & the Total Materials Matrix

“Steel, in particular, has redoubled its efforts,” Paul Spevetz, product marketing manager, Automotive Interior/Exterior for Ticona Engineering Polymers (ticona.com), acknowledges, speaking to the issues of the greater deployment of plastics in automotive applications, particularly on exteriors.When it comes to interiors, plastics have a solid position.

Quick Take: 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

“This is the most important launch for Mercedes-Benz this year,” Bernie Glaser, general manger of product management at Mercedes-Benz USA, explains as he details the features of the new 2010 E-Class sedan and coupe.


Better Diesel Pistons

Federal-Mogul has developed a process that improves the life for diesel pistons. Significantly improves their life. Here's how.

Tooling Topic

From grooving to honing, here are some new tools that you ought to be aware of for better production.

Ford's Pursuit Of Bio-Based Plastics

Not only are they finding ways to minimize petroleum-based products, but they're helping create a market for material that might otherwise simply be plowed under in farm fields.

The Acura ZDX: A Vehicle Apart

This time the folks at Acura got the entire assignment: the ZDX was designed in California, engineered in Ohio, and is being built in Ontario. And this is no simple vehicle, not by a long shot.

2010 Lexus GX 460

Maybe it isn't a great time for a luxury SUV. But if you're developing one, you might as well do it well.