Panic In Detroit

Dean Kamen's Mobility Device and Why It Caused Immoderate Upset in the Motor City Although the device that was code-named "Ginger" and was rumored to be as status quo-shattering as the PC, Internet, and canned beer is probably not going to be quite as disruptive, it is the most significant change on wheels that we've seen in this century.

GM's SmartNew Portal

General Motors is launching an innovative, Internet service for its employees.

Visteon's common soft touch

Visteon has developed a process that aims to bridge the gap between luxury soft-touch instrument panels and the rock-hard plastics of the lower orders. It uses fewer parts, needs no custom equipment and is fully recyclable.

Talking Design

Automotive designer Ken Okuyama talks about current automotive designs and where the industry is going in the future.

Luxury Simplified

Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI; Plymouth, MI) has peered into the future of the luxury car interior and created a vision that is deceptively Spartan.

Managing Design Management

Jerry Hirshberg believes that great design is fundamental to the success of any organization. nowadays, companies ranging from nike to the gap are listening to the message of a man who has had a whole lot to do with the transformation of design in the auto industry

The 1914 Model T. That was then...& still is now

If someone makes a 1914 Model T in their garage today, it is a replica, not the real thing. If the Ford Motor Company tasks two men with building a half dozen cars that are produced with the same tolerances as the orginal, then they are not only authentic, but are arguably the resumption of production that ended more than 70 years ago.

What Software Do You Need?

"Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world," said Archimedes in 220 BC. In software, you'll need a bit more than that to move your manufacturing enterprise. We look at the basic software you need to succeed.


2002: Year of Transition

In the years to come, historians will view 2001 as a year of profound change.

Building the New Range Rover

While Range Rover has a relatively short history in the U.S., it is in fact celebrating its 32nd anniversary this summer.

Inside, Under, Elsewhere & Otherwise

Making the SwitchThe reliability of driver’s side door switches for minivans—the activation of which cause the sliding doors to operate—is said to be improved through the use of an internally lubricated glass-filled nylon 6/6 alloy.

Long Haul Trucking

The Sprinter is a full-size van equipped like you’d expect from Mercedes (assuming you’d expect a van from Mercedes). The 2.7-liter, five-cylinder turbo diesel engine and five-speed automatic transmission are from the E-Class and also used in the M-Class.

Marginal: Help! (Not Just Anybody)

Yes, the Beatles' lyric "help me if you can, I'm feeling down" might apply to many people in the auto industry right now.

An Open Letter to Dearborn

*This is the complete and unabridged text, including significant additions to the original column appearing in the printed version of AD&P's February 2002 issue.Dear Bill:I haven't a lot of room here, so I'll have to be brief.Times are bad, and Ford is in big trouble.

8 Rules for Getting Things Done Through People

A manager’s job is to get things done by other people.