Is This (Finally) the Year of Bluetooth?

Until recently, Bluetooth has been more hype than substance. Now, it seems, conditions have aligned to make it a mass-production reality. But is this enough to make it a "must-have" on future vehicles?

Advances in Putting Things Together

Whether you’re welding aluminum or need to assemble engines, there are developments out there that provide some real advantages. Here’s a look.

Nissan's Product-Led Transformation

When Carlos Ghosn took over as head of Nissan, one of his first priorities was to restructure the company's Product Planning department. As a result, the company is able to move more quickly, create more variants from common pieces, and create vehicles better suited to the markets in which they are sold. Vehicles like the 2004 Nissan Maxima and Infiniti FX45 are just the first examples of how this strategy will play out.

Advancing Materials: Clearly & (Almost) Invisibly Better

Here’s a look at some advanced materials—some which you can see through, others which are so small that you maynot see them at all. But in all cases, performance is improved.

Cast In FOAM

Lost foam casting at GM has moved from being a Saturn exclusive to a more commonplace technology. It is a simple process, but one that depends on subtle adjustments and experience to produce the best results.

Product Development: BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER

With CAD/CAE becoming so well integrated into product development, it seems as though the role of physical models is becoming decreasingly relevant.

Considering Sienna - 53,000 Miles in the Making

An oft-cited phrase used to describe the development of vehicles nowadays is along the lines of “We designed it from the inside out.”

Unigraphics NX: (What It May Mean To You)

Given the prevalence of Unigraphics and I-DEAS throughout the automotive supply change, EDS' approach to product convergence can have effects on your CAx operations. Here's a quick look.

A New Approach at Dearborn Stamping

"This is an old plant" says Miro F. Suga, director, Stamping Business Unit, Vehicle Operations, Ford Motor Company. He's talking about the Dearborn Stamping Plant, which is on the property that's known as the Rouge Complex, a series of facilities that is essentially being focused on the Dearborn Truck Plant, one of the operations that is producing the important F-150 pickup.

FORD's F-150: The Winner And Still Champion?

The best selling vehicle in Ford’s lineup, and the best selling vehicle in America for more than 20 years, the F-150 is under increased pressure from competitors – both foreign and domestic – and consumers who want more for less. Its sales will determine the health of the Ford Motor Company for many years to come.


Saving Ford’s GT

After winning LeMans in late 1966, engineers from Ford’s Advanced Engine Engineering team wanted to build a 48-valve V12 for the Ford GT Mark 4 and humiliate the man who had so rudely rejected Ford’s offer to buy his company four years earlier, Enzo Ferrari.

Three Ways to Succeed

That there is global overcapacity in the auto industry is a given.

Trapped Gas

Even though it hasn’t been given a snappy name yet by marketing, Kautex-Textron has a new multi-layer, blow-molded plastic fuel tank system heading for production.

eBay & Autos: A New Model?

The most successful dot-com firm is starting to make big waves in the auto business. eBay continues to grow by leaps and bounds—just as if the Internet boom never ended.

Marketing Matters for Suppliers

In a world of reverse auctions, shrinking bid lists, and sharp competition, it might seem that there is no place for the softer influence that is conferred by marketing on the purchasing process.