Testing 1, 2, 3

Synchronizing the Virtual and the Real. “Testing has become the bottleneck for CAE,” says Doug Marinaro, vice president, Software and Consulting, at MTS Systems Corp. (Minneapolis, MN). One big reason for this: “Testing data is not in a form that can be readily absorbed by CAE.” According to Marinaro, current attempts to calibrate CAE simulations with physical test data are “low-resolution, expensive and narrowly applied.” Consequently, calibration is time-consuming and requires advanced engineers to do the job—and they may have their own approaches to the task.

Green Isn't Cheap

At Michelin's fifth Challenge Bibendum we discover the internal combustion engine can be nearly as clean as an electric vehicle, and economics may make hydrogen a 'future technology' for longer than expected.

AVEO: Chevy Goes Econo

Chevrolet makes a run at returning to the top spot as America’s carmaker.

Everything But Term Papers

Daimler Chrysler's Automotive Research and Development Center carries out a lot of practical research on current and future products. The odd thing is, DCX doesn't own the facility, nor is it responsible for half the personnel on site. That responsibility falls to the University of Windsor.

Aluminum Beyond Preciousness to Value

Although aluminum trails steel in overall vehicle application, it is slowly but surely increasing in application as vehicle manufacturers look for ways to reduce mass without sacrificing safety.

Ambitious Denso

Already one of the world's biggest automotive suppliers, Denso Corp. plans to expand its reach by developing a diverse array of new products, and it has the R and D wherewithal to get it done.

Old Rubber, Better Parts

This year, a new material developed in Detroit, its maker says, recycled 18,500 tires, removed five million pounds (cumulative) from seven domestic platforms, and saved one customer $185,000 annually-all from one plant.

3 Future Takes from Japan's Big 3

Can Nissan continue its comeback? Will Toyota surpass GM in global sales? Is there a Honda fuel cell vehicle in your future? Leaders of these companies discussed these and other issues at the Tokyo International Automotive Conference.


Automotive paint suppliers are always trying to stay ahead of the curve. That is, they are continually attempting to determine what vehicle designers will want. So their design staffs monitor what's going on around the world, they check out what other types of industrial designers are doing, and they, of course, attend auto shows (realize that concept cars tend to be covered with 'concept coatings'). They not only work to anticipate trends, but to create them. And the paint suppliers mount color shows, in-house exhibits for automotive designers, in which they show what they think may be, or could be, the color pallet of the future.

The ABCs of PLM

Just what are the elements of a PLM system? Or could be? This article helps spell those out.


IT for the Aftermarket

 Information technology (IT) can have a big impact on the important area of aftermarket parts.

Toyota Takeover

 A thought has been rolling around in my head, one both preposterous but plausible.

The Core

 Art Kleiner knows a lot about organizations.

New Business Models for the Struggling Tooling Sector

 Michigan is the undisputed “tooling capital” of the nation.