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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director and chief creative officer, with the Range Rover Velar, the company’s new midsize SUV.

Digital Tech in the Range Rover Velar
The Range Rover Velar, based on Jaguar 's Land Rover lightweight aluminum architecture, has a design that’s predicated on "reductionism."

On Electronics - July 2013
Visteon’s “HABIT”; TI's Touch Sensor; Setting A Standard, Saving Energy

PLM and the Importance of Experience
People’s experiences—the product property that can lead to greater profitability—should be part of product lifecycle management, says Dassault Systèmes.

On Electronics
Visteon’s Future Interior Vision; A New Sense for Steering; On Semiconductor Increases Integration; Toshiba’s Sharper View

On Electronics
In-vehicle wireless charging system; scalable ACUs; lithium-ion battery tech.

The Values of Innovation
The ability to add value and be compensated for it is critical to being able to fund the next big thing (or the next in a series of incremental little things). And after all, if you are not making money on the value you add, why do it?

TRW’s active safety system will use GPS mapping data to warn the driver of changes in road conditions that could result in a potential crash.

TRW Navigates Safety Technology
Engineers at TRW are working on systems that can repurpose information generated from in-vehicle navigation systems to improve occupant safety.

On Electronics - Feb. 2009
Skyping from the CarVisteon Corp. has a new entertainment system with a more flexible programming platform and more powerful microprocessor core to keep pace with the race of mobile consumer electronics and Internet applications.

2005 Nissan Pathfinder

NISSAN'S Platform Play
The mid-size 2005 Pathfinder, Nissan's largest design and development program to date, involved three technical centers, and took 36 months and countless trans-Pacific trips to complete. Though it borrows major components from the full-size Titan pickup and Armada SUV, it's not just a downsized clone.

Toward the 'Connected Car'
Two big trends in automotive electronics: in-car entertainment and wireless connectivity are merging to make vehicles full-fledged “nodes” on the infotainment superhighway.

Green by Design
William McDonough envisions a seemingly contradictory world where manufactured products are plentiful and the environment is clean and healthy. His method to get there is equally shocking: eco-effective, profitable companies free from regulation.

Ford Technology Sets Sail
The Blue Oval isn't appearing on this America's Cup yacht just as a marketing ploy.

Developments That Can Change Design & Production
Here are some technologies that are making their way out of the labs and onto the roads that have implications about how components are designed and vehicles are built.

Visteon: Speed, Experience, Vision
We talk with Craig Muhlhauser, a man who recognizes that talent, drive and enthusiasm play big roles in how well companies do. "To be the best," he says, "we have to have the best people. The companies with the best people will be the winners." And they're planning to win at Visteon.

Going Fast By Getting Lean
Face it—cars that go fast have a low coefficient of drag: they're sleek. People who are the most fleet tend to be lithe. Organizations and manufacturing operations must also be lean if they want to move ahead of the pack. Here's a look at how one supplier is setting itself up for speed.