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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Pieces of Plastic
Notable developments and uses of polymers, from turbochargers to oil pans to...yes, the Batmobile.

The Hyundai RN30 concept race car features the extensive use of polymer materials inside and out.

Materially Creating a Concept
The RN30 is a concept race car from Hyundai. What’s interesting is that the vehicle was developed making an extensive use of non-metal materials for supplier BASF (

Yamaha’s Conceptual Trike
This is the 05GEN, a three-wheel concept vehicle created by Yamaha Motor Co. for short-distance travel.

Developing an Innovative Auto Seat with Aero Tech
BASF—working collaboratively with Performance Materials Corp. and Faurecia—has come up with a significant innovation in automotive seating: A seat back that integrates the seat frame and back panel integrated into a single thermoplastic structure.

Automotive paint suppliers are always trying to stay ahead of the curve. That is, they are continually attempting to determine what vehicle designers will want. So their design staffs monitor what's going on around the world, they check out what other types of industrial designers are doing, and they, of course, attend auto shows (realize that concept cars tend to be covered with 'concept coatings'). They not only work to anticipate trends, but to create them. And the paint suppliers mount color shows, in-house exhibits for automotive designers, in which they show what they think may be, or could be, the color pallet of the future.