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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

BASF Creates a Color Palette for the Globe
The BASF Coatings division designers have made their annual assessment of color trends in the auto industry and their report for 2018-19 has been given the theme “Keep It Real.”

Simulating Steering Wheel Molding
BASF offers a flexible integral foam system, Elastofoam I, for steering wheels. 

The Mold-Masters DURA+ hot runner for automotive lighting production was developed in response to recent industry preference for polycarbonates over other thermoplastics.

Hot Running Adapts
As automakers embrace new plastics, hot runner technology evolves to keep up.

Paul Elio, founder and CEO of Elio Motors, plans to launch this vehicle that will be built in the former GM Shreveport Stamping and Assembly plant sometime in 2017. Note well that this isn’t a “niche” vehicle in terms of what he anticipates in terms of production volume, as they’re creating capacity that will allow the build of 1,000 units per day, two shifts.

Does Paul Elio Have Disruptive Technology?
Paul Elio says he recently read The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business Review Press; 1997) and he thought that it was, in effect, telling the story of Elio Motors (, the company that Elio established in 2009 to create a transformative motor vehicle.

The IAC FiberFrame: a sunroof reinforcement frame based on natural fibers. It is half the weight of the traditional steel component. It is produced from kenaf and hemp fibers in a water-based thermoset binder.

Sunroof Frame Goes Natural
IAC has developed the materials and the process that allows the manufacture of price-competitive, natural sunroof frames.

BASF Makes More Metal Replacements
BASF is addressing everything from the engine to seats with its polymer tech.

Plastic Processing for Nicer Interiors
How a new process can result in soft-touch instrument panels, a key attribute of today's desirable vehicles.

Steeling Plastics
Having conquered interiors and trim parts, plastics are now making inroads into automotive structural components with the help of an unlikely ally–steel.

Composite Coverup
The latest product from Quadrant Plastic Composites currently smoothes out the airflow under BMW’s 5 Series. Plans are underway, however, to mate this material with Class A panels for use in roof, hood, and trunk panels.