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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Tool carriers are arranged around the spindles of an MS22-6L so that two tools can be used at each of the six spindles.

Flexible Turning
Lathe maker Index designs to get more types of operations out of each machine.

This screen shot from ANSYS Maxwell electromagnetic field simulation software shows an efficiency map and the speed-torque characteristics of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor, significantly slashing the development time for optimizing such power plants within electric vehicles.

Does Simulation Totally Replace Physical Prototypes?
The reports of the death of physical models are greatly exaggerated. Digital artifacts and simulation do not replace physical models in all cases.

Tech Watch
Plug-and-Play Wheelsets Plug-and-play technology – or tech that can apply to a wide swath of vehicle ranges – usually applies more to software than hardware.

Generative design in Solid Edge 2019 can be applied to all designs regardless of manufacturing process. Dialog boxes help designers define material, design space, permissible loads, constraints, and target weights.

Solid Edge 2019: It’s Not Just a CAD Package Anymore
The latest version of Solid Edge blows away the archetype for CAD packages by providing CAD, CAE, CAM and more for both mechanical and electrical design.

Screen capture of the ECO suite power monitor.

Saving Energy at the Machine-Tool
It’s never been easier to monitor and conserve energy use on machining equipment.

Nexteer manufacturing provides electric and hydraulic steering systems, steering columns, driveline systems, advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving technologies.

Nexteer’s Approach to Manufacturing Data
This Tier One supplier is well on the way in its “advanced, holistic, integrative approach” to design and manufacturing.

Industrial Control Keeps Getting Better
The changes in PLCs and PACs aren’t so much in operational, but in networking, user interface, and compute horsepower.

The Green Guide
Flame Treatment Technology a Green Move for GM; A Cleaner Cleaner; Freudenberg's “Simple” Devices May Make Big Differences in Battery Systems; SolidWorks “Sustainability” Offers Real-Time Green Solutions; Siemens’ “Ctrl-Energy” Monitors Machine Tool Energy Use

Field Guide: Siemens
Siemens covers all the bases in industrial automation, energy, healthcare, building management and even home appliances.

Table-driven user interface

Solid edge Makes "Design Intent" Affordable
Why A New Version of Solid Edge?

Gyroscope sensor designed

Electronic Technologies To Watch
Diodes that convert waste heat into electricity, cheap computer chips printed like newspapers, and electro-mechanical devices that fit on the head of a pin. All of these technologies are in the works and targeted at the automobile, so you should pay attention to them now.

Wiring The Tires
Siemens VDO Automotive and Goodyear have developed a tire monitoring system that goes beyond government mandates and makes tires an integral part of a vehicle's electronic network. Will it be the technology of choice in the future?

Suppliers Talk about E-Business: It's Becoming Business As Usual
The exaggerated claims have been quieted. E-business has now become, for some companies, another tool to help achieve better efficiencies. Here's what some companies are doing with this tool.

At the IAA in Frankfurt: The Future Is ... Soon
Traditionally, the second of the two Press Days at the Frankfurt Motor Show is when the supply side of the industry gives its press conferences and blows its trumpet. This year, that second day fell on September 12. Most press conferences were canceled, and those that did take place were solemn affairs that were necessarily cut short. When at presenting the Delphi Automotive Systems' reception, company president J.T. Battenberg, who was visibly moved by what had occurred in his homeland, called for a short silence before going ahead with a foreshortened review. Visteon Automotive Systems' president Pete Pestillo welcomed everybody, but gave no presentation at all, opting to point out that his executives on the stand were there for one-to-one talks.


All Machine Tools Are Not Created Equal
The truth in this statement lies not in the fact that some machine tools are inferior to others. But in the fact that no two machine tools are alike. Not only do machines fall into different classifications in terms of price, capability, and size, but now machine tool builders are working with customers to build machines specific to individual needs. Here's a very general look at what's out there.

Lessons Learned from Europe's SAP Users
By Martin Piszczalski, Management ConsultantSAP Ag, a German company that produces enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, is the world leader in client-server ERP systems with 39% of the world market.