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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Run MyRobot/DirectControl offers ease of programming and superior motion control to a comprehensive range of Comau robot arms.

Robot Control from a Machine-tool CNC
One of the challenges of integrating robots and machine tools is that each has its own control system.

Systems engineering is often an exercise in designing the electrical and electronic architecture consisting of previously independent systems that are now tightly interdependent.  So is the case in designing SAE J1939-based networks in vehicles—the purview of Capital Systems Network.

Networking Vehicular Electronics Gets an Assist
A new SAE J1939-based software tool helps design electrical/electronic systems in tomorrow’s commercial heavy-duty vehicles.

MindSphere is Siemens’ cloud-based ecosystem for digitally viewing, engineering and commissioning production lines.

Inside the Digital Factory
Integrated digital tech can greatly improve even efficient operations.

Systems Engineering in Product Development
Systems engineering in increasingly being recognized as a valuable approach to vehicle development - both in design and production. Siemens posits that PLM is the right software system for systems engineering.

Designing Seats the PLM Way
The only back-seat driver in designing automotive seats and trim covers is PLM. That’s a good thing.

Siemens PLM & Creating the Master Model
 Chuck Grindstaff joined what was then Unigraphics Solutions in 1978.

PLM When You Want It
Want some PLM? Here’s what two major product lifecycle management (PLM) vendors are offering through two very different online stores.

What's Blocking The Move From 2D to 3D?
CAD software vendors and pundits have long been predicting 'everyone' will soon be on 3D CAD. Why hasn't that happened?

Enterprise Apps Displayed Small
Large, complex enterprise software systems are showing up in small mobile devices.

System simulates laser hardening

Laser Hardening Made Efficient
A system for laser hardening drawing punches and other forming tools was developed for a major German automotive manufacturer by CENIT AG (, a consultancy with specialization in software.

CAD For The Small, Medium, and Large
Price, breadth of features, and product lifecycle management are what mostly separate CAD systems in corporate eyes.

Simulation Makes Vehicles Real
Advances in simulation software include integration with other CAx systems, simulations of more domains, and stunning virtual reality.

Siemens Automation Vision: Speed and Communication
Factory automation is about much more than just the latest robotics system or high-speed milling machine.

Fuel Injector System

BOSCH Briefly
Here are some aspects of one of the world's leading automotive supply companies, one that is broad-based (product-wise and geographically), investment sensible, and forward-looking.