Objects of Interest: June 2008

Lightweight Rivet ToolEmhart Teknologies’ (www.emhart.com) new POP ProSet 3400 Rivet Tool can accommodate all size 4, 5, 6 and 8 blind rivets, including high-strength and stainless steel.

Lightweight Rivet Tool

Emhart Teknologies’ (www.emhart.com) new POP ProSet 3400 Rivet Tool can accommodate all size 4, 5, 6 and 8 blind rivets, including high-strength and stainless steel. Measuring 12.17-in. long and 12.44-in. high with a stroke of 1.02-in., the 3400 is capable of delivering 4,148 lb. of pulling power with a force-to-weight ratio of 990 lbf/lb., requiring only 2.83 cu.-ft. per rivet set. Its lightweight 4.19 lb. design, depending on model, can set any rivet from 1/8-in. through ¼-in. dia.


Optical CMM Sensor

Wenzel’s (www.xspectsolutions.com) Phoenix optical CMM sensor is a hybrid system combining the high-resolution image processing of a CCD camera in the X-Y plane with multiple laser triangulations for measuring the Z plane. Designed to be compatible with the Renishaw PHS and PH10 probing heads, Phoenix can measure all types of round and square holes, slots and spherical features on parts.


CAM Software

A new tutorial module, improved user interface, better CAD data handling and new toolpath generation capabilities are the backbone of the SmartCAM (www.smartcamcnc.com) V15.0 CAM system software. Users can now access tutorials and exercises to assist in learning the new software while changes to the toolpath capabilities include unique identification of the lead-in/out moves in a visual form, with new geometry edit capabilities allowing optimal configuration.


Optical Surface Metrology System

Mahr Federal’s (www.mahr.com) MarSurf WS1 optical surface metrology system utilizes white light optical sensor technology combined with a CCD camera for high-precision recording of part surface typography on a wide array of materials. With a vertical resolution of 0.1 nm, the system is able to collect 3D recordings through the field of view of the camera during measurement using the Z-axis and a piezo positioner.


Large Scale Metrology System

Designed with the ability to track multiple objects in a manufacturing cell simultaneously—in spaces ranging from 400 to 1,200 m2—Metris’ (www.metris.com) iSpace metrology system uses laser-based transmitters to create a measurement field that is fully extendable. Typically deployed in applications designed for position measurement devices, such as handheld probes, articulated arms and laser radars, iSpace enables these devices to be repositioned at any time without having to manually redefine their new locations each time they are moved.


High-Pressure Water Jet System

Able to operate at up to 400 hp with pressures of up to 26,000 psi, NLB’s (www.nlbcorp.com) 325 Series convertible water jet unit comes in two diesel-powered models. While both models can operate at pressures from 8,000 psi to 24,000 psi, the 405 model (400 hp) has a flow range of 25 to 74 gpm, while the 365 model (365 hp) offers a flow range from 22 to 64 gpm.