Video: Manufacturing ERP in the Cloud
Plex has reimagined the manufacturing user experience by connecting the people, devices and machines through the right experience for the right role.

Product Demos : Plex provides video demos that give an interactive, inside look at how our products help you manage your manufacturing operations with unmatched agiligyt and superior performance.

White Paper: Ten Critical Questions to Ask a Manufacturing ERP Vendor
See the key questions a manufacturer should ask about ERP ease of modification, instrastructure and total cost of ownership.

White Paper: What's Happening on Your Shop Floor
Get a true picture of your shop floor. See the importance of accurately tracking production, orders, quality checks and more.

White Paper: Eight "Must Have" Features for Automotive Suppliers
Purpose-built ERP fo automotive suppliers delivers winning results. EDI, quality and  traceability let you compete on cost, quality and speed.

White Paper: Overall Equipment Effectiveness
What is OEE and why is it important? It’s a metric that helps reduce loss of production time and increases production.

White Paper: Manufacturing Agility through MES Excellence
Manufacturing agility is increasingly important in today’s world of wildly fluctuating demand, short product cycles and constant change. Gaining visibility on the plant floor is one of the fundamental dilemmas of manufacturing systems and Lean manufacturing. This paper will discuss how to achieve manufacturing agility through strong links from the plant floor and management systems, like ERP.

White Paper: Why Supply Chain Integration and Visibility is the Future for Manufacturers
Why are these important? The greater the integration and visibility within a supply chain, the fewer delays there are in time-to-market, the greater the production quality and the more effective supplier collaboration becomes.