Learn more about Proto Labs with these additional resources. Videos, case histories, and more.



Proto Labs - Real Parts, Real Fast - Learn about Proto Labs fast prototying services CNC machined parts and injection molded parts. Watch video.

Proto Labs Surface Finishes - Kevin Crystal illustrates different surface finishes available when designing plastic parts for Protomold's Injection Molding Service. Watch video.

Sliding Shut-offs and Cams for Injection Molding - Kevin Crystal talks about two different ways to design a hole in a plastic part. Watch video.

Injection Molding Bosses, the Good and Bad - Using Protomold's Design Cube, Kevin demonstrates the characteristics of both good and bad boss design. Watch video. 


Case Studies:

Prototype Positions Backwater Paddles for Big Box Success - The switch to plastic allows this designer to make a better shallow water paddle. Download PDF.

Artist Adds Injection Molded Plastic to Pallet - Fine artist Allison Luedtke works in a new material for an outdoor sculpture.
Download PDF.

Cord knots? Not with CorDotz! - This product developer needed a real injection molded part to validate a design. Download PDF.