Responsiveness Through Single-Point Management

The selection of equipment suppliers and integration partners can have a dramatic impact on how capital investments are managed. Tier-level automotive suppliers have the option to manage the integration process themselves or seek a single-source provider. Given the complexity of modern automated systems, it is highly recommended that manufacturers work with a supplier that is able to coordinate all aspects of the integration process, including third-party equipment. A single-source supplier should be able to handle all aspects of the project, enabling the company to focus its attention on larger objectives—such as the next customer opportunity or internal continuous improvement processes. After all, time is money.

A single-source supplier must have advanced expertise in all aspects of a flexible manufacturing system, and should be able to share examples of past systems which they have successfully facilitated. These considerations should include a detailed review of the types of products the supplier offers, and whether or not the supplier has the electrical, mechanical, engineering and robotics knowledge required. The right supplier should be capable of handling these types of integration services on behalf of the business.

Makino integration services help automotive manufacturers combat fierce competition during the quoting process by managing every step of a project with single-point contact project management, project engineering, on-site supervision and post-installation training and support. Together, these services give manufacturers the confidence and security to focus their valuable time on other critical aspects of their business.

whitepaper: considerations for seamless intergration of automation