Long-Term Production Reliability

Automotive production can be a punishing environment for machine technologies, yet long-term production reliability is a necessity for meeting delivery and specification requirements. As such, manufacturers need equipment that’s rugged and reliable enough to handle aggressive 24/7 production schedules with repeatable performance and maximum uptime.

Leading automotive manufacturers understand that the most critical component of any manufacturing system is the machine tool. While all other components of a machining cell may remain intact, if a machine goes down, there are no parts being produced. This scenario is particularly troublesome in environments running serial production processes. To avoid these issues, manufacturers must invest in machining centers with proven reliability and exceptional support.

A rigid machining center with a robust spindle design can handle even the most unforgiving production environments, taking on heavy cuts in tough materials day in and day out with repeatable results. With a reliable machine platform and advanced control system, operators don’t need to worry about frequently adjusting offsets or checking for broken tools. There is no reluctance to running production fully unattended.

Productivity and reliability are the core drivers behind the design and manufacture of Makino machining centers. The company designs precision into its machines with extra-rigid base castings and sophisticated thermal management of key machine components. The result is sustained dynamic accuracy and repeatability that reduces and eliminates rework and scrapped parts. Makino machines have earned a long-standing reputation for exceptional reliability and maintainability that eliminates unplanned downtime. Their superior design elements, such as one-piece way covers, stand up to even the toughest production environments with minimal maintenance required. As a result, Makino machines hold long-term residual value and outstanding performance for years after final return on investment.

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