Performance Through Unrivaled Engineering Expertise

Volume production of components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads and steering housings demand precision and repeatability without compromising the cycle times necessary for competitive part costs. However, developing the manufacturing processes necessary to meet these expectations requires extensive knowledge, experience and time that many tier-level suppliers’ internal engineering teams are unable to support.

One of the most effective and efficient means for companies to address these engineering concerns is to employ external support from an experienced engineering services provider. These suppliers typically offer a wide range of engineering capabilities, including process planning, design, development and implementation. Getting the most out of these services requires automotive manufacturers to be selective in their search for a supplier.

Makino Engineering Services have an unmatched history of creating robust production-ready processes—including machinery, fixtures, tools, programs and documentation—for parts with complex geometries, demanding deadlines, challenging budget constraints and Six Sigma standards. Hundreds of manufacturers in need of integrated flexible manufacturing systems have taken advantage of these services. And while many tier-level automotive suppliers face difficulty finding skilled labor, Makino Engineering Services have engineers and project managers with decades of experience solving the toughest manufacturing part challenges.

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