7/1/2000 | 2 MINUTE READ

Sales Slow In the U.S.

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Due in part to climbing interest rates and higher fuel prices, there are now signs of slowing sales in the U.S.


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Due in part to climbing interest rates and higher fuel prices, there are now signs of slowing sales in the U.S. Despite heavy incentive activity, vehicle sales softened a bit in April, then declined in May for the first time since August 1998. Though May volume was up to just over 1.6 million units, sales actually declined 2%, based on the daily sales rate, which accounts for an additional sales day this year. This sales pace pulled back the cumulative Seasonal Annually Adjusted Rate (SAAR) through the first five months to 17.95 million units from the 18.16 million-unit level reached last month. Light truck sales share fell to 48% in May, which is the lowest truck mix this year and well behind last year's 12-month rate of 48.5%.

Though Ford managed to set a sales record for the month of May, General Motors and DaimlerChrysler fell short of the prior year's performance. With its passenger car sales dropping 4.8% and light trucks gaining less than 1%, GM's overall sales fell 2.1% for the month. DaimlerChrysler dropped 13.6%, as car sales slid 6.8% and trucks plummeted 16.6% versus last year. Fueled by strong car and truck entries, sales from manufacturers other than the conventional Big-Three improved 13% in May and are up 19.3% for the year.

Due to the strong sales environment, North American production through the first four months of the year is up 4.2% to over 6 million units. However, as the economy and vehicle sales soften in the 3rd and 4th quarters, we expect output to also slow. DaimlerChrysler will be hardest hit due to a changeover of high-volume products such as its compact sedans/coupes and minivans. GM is expected to struggle on the passenger side, while Ford has delayed the launch of several new products(Escape/Explorer/Thunderbird). New Domestic manufacturers will, however, gain ground with output forecast to surpass the second half of last year by 4.5%. In total, North American production is projected to grow less than 100,000 units to 17.16 million this year.


General Motors2Q-003Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car (000’s)     
C5 (Corvette)8.97.633.8332%
CF4 (Camaro/Firebird)
G/G-Prem (Luxury FWD Sedans)51.843.3193.014038%
GM2902 (Saturn LS)21.923.385.16139%
GM4200 (Corsa)22.822.586.887-1%
GMX130 (Grand Am/Alero)104.987.0392.7408-4%
GMX690 (Aurora/LeSabre/Bonn)73.559.0265.514089%
J2-Car (Cavalier/Sunfire)108.293.7399.7482-17%
K/K-Spec (Eldo/Deville)4.94.515.377-80%
MS2000 (Cent/Reg/GP/Intrig)194.5155.8714.46697%
P90 (Malibu)66.050.8237.3272-13%
W2-Car (Lumina)9.66.734.8119-71%
Z2-Car (SC/SL/SW)49.248.3182.7238-23%
Total-Passenger Car7356162,7102,876-6%
Light Truck (000’s)     
GMT250 (Aztek)2.218.642.00NA
GMT325 (S10/Sonoma)85.572.9320.1322-1%
GMT330 (Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada)101.784.2362.0395-8%
GMT400/480 (C-K/Sierra)42.01.788.2178-51%
GMT410/20/25/30 (FS-SUV)
GMT600 (Express/Savana)48.333.8165.8173-4%
GMT800/880 (Silverado/Sierra)221.7202.5902.18862%
GMT820/830 (FS-SUV)105.2100.6421.327NA
GMX110 (Venture/Silh/Montana)67.659.1256.2286-10%
M-Van (Astro/Safari)42.221.6127.6168-24%
Total-Light Truck7365972,7272,818-3%
Total All GM1,4711,2135,4375,694-5%
Ford Motor2Q-003Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car (000’s)     
CDW27-162 (Contour/Mystique)18.716.287.4250-65%
J94A (626)21.818.782.085-4%
CT120 (Escort)22.619.977.4243-68%
C170 (Focus)95.385.5371.2128191%
D186 (Taurus/Sable)157.4114.9537.1104NA
DEW98 (Lincoln LS)18.115.667.33971%
EN53-114 (Crown Vic/Gr. Marq)61.651.6240.4268-10%
FN145 (Town Car)24.118.583.2822%
FN74 (Continental)6.04.921.527-21%
SN95 (Mustang)46.034.6167.8191-12%
Total-Passenger Car4723801,7351,802-4%
Light Truck (000’s)     
P131 (>8,500 F-Series)129.6115.6491.741120%
PN105/106 (Ranger/B-Series)148.6125.3518.940528%
PN96-102 (F-Series)161.2136.9599.55941%
UN105-150 (Explorer/Mountr)118.590.4402.4559-28%
UN93/173 (Expedition/Navigator)78.567.8298.0299-0%
U204 (Escape/Tribute)4.845.5108.70NA
VN127 (Econoline/Club Wagon)63.549.2216.5233-7%
VX149 (Villager/Quest)21.316.177.795-18%
WIN126 (Windstar)71.861.2278.6303-8%
Total-Light Truck7987083,0072,9004%
Total All Ford1,2691,0884,7434,7011%
Daimler Chrysler2Q-003Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car (000’s)     
JA (Cirrus/Stratus/Breeze)60.70.3127.8216-41%
JX27 (Sebring Conv)
NLH (Intr/Concd/LHS/300M)84.671.4330.1339-3%
NPL (Neon)67.351.4236.02322%
SR/PR (Viper/Prowler)
FJ22 (Sebring/Avenger)
ST24 (Eclipse)
ST41 (Galant)22.514.274.16219%
Total-Passenger Car2721949891,025-4%
Light Truck (000’s)     
AB (Ram Van)23.216.884.6841%
AN (Dakota)52.842.7197.817215%
DN (Durango)58.748.9218.12170%
NS (Caravan/Voyager/T&C)166.830.9379.5634-40%
PT44 (Cruiser)34.947.2140.50NA
T300 (Ram Pickup)116.1113.3463.5486-5%
TJ (Wrangler)26.921.298.4101-3%
WJ (Grand Cherokee)83.273.1324.8344-5%
W163 (M-Class)22.319.082.785-3%
XJ (Cherokee)46.137.2177.1186-5%
Total-Light Truck6314952,3322,3091%
Total All DaimlerChrysler9046903,3213,334-0%
New Domestic2Q-003Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car by Manufacturer (000’s)     
Auto Alliance:     
BMW: E36-7 (Z3)11.711.844.348-7%
CAMI: M2-Car (Metro/Swift)6.67.333.836-7%
NE/IN/CO (Accord/TL/CL)127.5116.1485.04596%
CS (Civic/EL)0.062.5164.90NA
VC (Civic/EL)104.327.7241.6398-39%
ZQ (Altima)40.135.6150.0153-2%
HF (Sentra/200SX)
HS (Sentra)36.738.5121.60NA
Sentra (Tsubame/Tsuru)17.616.769.571-3%
Subaru-Isuzu: 22C (Legacy)     
66L (Legacy)29.527.8114.85994%
900T (Avalon)32.426.8118.338NA
414T/700T (Camry/Solara)80.675.8310.7349-11%
560T (Corolla/Prizm)87.281.4336.9359-6%
A4 (Jetta/New Beetle)100.0100.8398.035711%
Type 1 (Old Beetle)
Total-Passenger Car6876392,6572,5554%
Light Truck by Manufacturer (000’s)     
BMW: X5 (E53)10.311.341.62NA
CAMI: J3/GMT190 (Track/Vitara)15.811.456.364-11%
Honda: BM (Odyssey)36.939.6158.19665%
D21 (Hardbody)9.48.638.339-1%
WQW (Xterra)27.125.0104.45880%
QW (Frontier)27.927.0110.39911%
SIA: UCR145 (SUVs)25.822.492.899-6%
485T (Tacoma)38.835.2147.7153-4%
477T (Sienna)35.930.5131.01219%
800T (Tundra)32.631.2115.656106%
Total-Light Truck2602421,00778728%
Total All New Dom.9478813,6643,34210%
Total Passenger Car2,1661,8298,0918,258-2.0%
Total Light Truck2,4262,0429,0738,8142.9%
Total Light Vehicle4,5923,87217,16417,0720.5%