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High-Precision Jig Boring and Milling Machine
What: Vertical three-axis CNC jig boring and milling machine, the Yasda YBM 640V3
Who: Methods Machine Tools (methods
Important to note: The Yasda YBM 640V3 performs high-speed, precision boring and milling for mold, die and complex component manufacturing, with accuracy and rigidity intended to almost eliminate any need for hand polishing. During acceleration and deceleration, vibration is minimized by a reinforcement rib under the bridge. Machining efficiency is optimized by keeping the weight of the spindle head and saddle as low as possible, the company says. Thermal distortion is reduced by a bridge cooling system located under the X-axis guide, with a jacket cooling system for the X- and Y-axis ball nuts to prevent loss of ball screw pre-tension. 
Pertinent data: The YBM 640V3 has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 23.6, 15.7 and 13.8 in. It has a standard 24,000 rpm spindle (or an optional 30,000 rpm spindle) and a 40 spindle taper hole. The automatic tool changer has storage for up to 100 tools. The table dimensions are 27.5 x 17.7 in. and the table loading capacity is 661 lbs. It is equipped with a FANUC 31i-Model 5 controller.
Large Part Five-Axis Machining Center
What: Five-axis vertical machining center for large precision parts and dies/molds, the D800Z
Who: Makino (makino.com)
Important to note: The D800Z can handle parts up to 1,000 mm in diameter and weighing up to 1,200 kg, so having five-axis capability is useful in terms of minimizing setups, which can help reduce cycle time. The machine offers the ability to perform tight-tolerance machining, thanks to not only mechanical characteristics (e.g., core-cooled ballscrews, temperature control of the direct-drive motors), but to Makino’s proprietary Super Geometric Intelligence software. There is a two-sided, front-door design to facilitate access to the spindle and the table. The machine is engineered to save energy: an eco mode turns off peripheral devices when they are not needed; the coolant system has an inverter driven pump that precisely supplies the required flow rate and timing. The machine has a footprint of 3,200 x 5,070 x 3,600 mm.
Pertinent data: The machine can be equipped with two standard spindle options: a Cat 40 with a 14,000 rpm spindle or a Cat 50 with a 12,000 rpm spindle. A 40-tool magazine is standard with the former, and a 48-tool unit for the latter. HSK options are available for both sizes.