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Sheet metal bending cell; vertical gear hobbing machines; high-speed laser cutting.


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Sheet Metal Bending Cell

What: TruBend Cell 5000 BendMaster automated bending cell.
Who: Trumpf (us.trumpf.com)
Important to note: Through improved integration of the press brake and the robotic material handling system, productivity is improved by up to 30% and
processing costs are reduced by as much as 20%.
Pertinent data: Five different machines are available for integration into the automated bending cell, offering differing press forces, bending lengths, and installation heights. Each one can be configured with a four- or six-axis rear stop. Specific gripper devices are available to meet application needs—for example, there’s one with jaws for small parts and a vacuum lift for larger parts (up to 4 m, and 100 kg). The bending robot can change grippers automatically. A special sheet metal sensor is used to determine that the workpieces and the bending program match. To keep two sheets from being picked up at once, the jaws are monitored with a camera and compressed air is used to separate sheets. A pallet conveyor can be used for moving parts into and out of the cell, which is particularly useful for handling small parts that can’t be stacked during bending.


Vertical Gear Hobbing Machines

What: 260H and 400H Genesis vertical hobbing machines for spur and helical gear production.
Who: Gleason Corp. (gleason.com)
Important to note: Machines feature a compact design to reduce floorspace requirements for use in cellular operations; can be loaded manually or with automation.
Pertinent data: The 260H and 400H produce gears with diameters up to 260 mm and 400 mm, respectively. Offer up to 700 mm of axial travel for extra-long shafts. Designed for dry machining environments. Use single-piece cast polymer composite bases and frames for superior damping and thermal stability. Can be adjusted so chips are evacuated from either the rear or side of the machines. Users can choose from two direct drive modular spindle options, two hob heads, multiple tool interfaces, quick-change workholding, and integrated rotary chamfering and deburring.



High-Speed Laser Cutting Machine

What: The L-350 high-speed laser cutting machine for polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, paper, and metalized materials.
Who: Spartanics (spartanics.com)
Important to note: “We expect it to quickly become our top-selling laser cutting machine model because when you look at the combination of price and quality, it can’t be beat.”—Mike Bacon, Spartanics vp.
Pertinent data: The single CO2 laser head design enables high-quality cuts with a 210-micron spot size in a 350-mm cutting field at speeds as fast as 80 m/min. Job changeovers can be performed on-the-fly. Features an intuitive operator interface and behind-the-scenes engineering software control. The machine includes UV coating stations, lamination, slitting, and sheeting options. 



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