1/1/2008 | 2 MINUTE READ

Objects of Interest: January

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Optical Sensor

Balluff’s (www.balluff.com) Sharpshooter optical sensor combines the flexibility of a vision system with the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor. Sharpshooter can provide positive verification of product count, configuration, inclusion or identification. Its small size (58 x 52 x 40 mm) allows it to be mounted anywhere a photoelectric sensor can be mounted and its lockable focus adjustment and integrated red LED ring light improve accuracy.


Tool Holding System

REGO-FIX’s (www.rego-fix.com) powRgrip PG 32 tool holding system clamps tool shanks ranging up to 1-in. diameter, an increase from the previous maximum clamping capacity of 0.75-in.; the runout is below 0.0001-in. Tapers that can be accommodated include CAT, BT, HSK and TC versions.


Motion Controller

Omron Electronics’ (www.omron247.com) Trajexia motion control platform features an open standard design to eliminate the restrictions on the brand of PLCs and other components used, providing designers with freedom of choice. Powered by a 32-bit DSP, Trajexia is able to handle multiple tasks such as interpolation and e-cam, e-gearbox and registration control. Controlling up to 16 axes over a MECHATROLINK-II motion bus reduces wiring and space and offers full programming transparency right down to the actuator level.


Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Emuge’s (www.emuge.com) SHUR-THREAD GFI Series solid carbide thread mills have been reengineered with internal coolant supply to provide precise application of coolant where needed, resulting in reduced waste and improved chip evacuation. The micro-grain carbide and TiCN coating improve tool life and multiple spiral flutes reduce chatter. Available for thread applications of 1 in. and under, the cutters can be utilized on a wide range of soft and pre-hardened steels.


Wet Deburring System

Abtex (www.abtex.com) has expanded its Tri-Ten deburring system to accommodate wet environments through the addition of a reservoir and filtration system located at the rear of the machine for continuous circulation of coolant. Parts are placed on a conveyor and pass under the first planetary head, which consists of three brushes, all bathed in a constant spray of coolant to deburr the top surface; a second planetary head and brushes deburr the bottom surface; the part passes over a final demagnetizer before exiting the system.



Photoelectric Sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs’ (www.us.pepperl-fuchs.com) Series 31 Opti-Vue photoelectric sensor provide a compact 35 x 62-mm footprint with built-in SPDT relay for AC/DC models and 4-in-1 output for DC units. The integrated SPDT eliminates the need for a separately mounted and wired relay and the 4-in-1 output allows a single sensor to operate with four output configura-tions, automatically selected by the sensor based on the connected load. Features include high visible front status LEDs, ambient light immunity and a rugged IP67 rated housing.


Industrial Vending

Applied CIM Technologies’ (www.cribware.com) CRIBPOINT industrial vending machine features a color touchscreen, integrated bar code scanner and vend validation technology. Flexible arm mounting of the screen allows for ease of use during machine setup. The integrated scanner guides the operator through the vending procedure, while vending validation optically monitors dispensing to ensure proper item drop. Usage limits can restrict an employees’ access to certain items to limit over consumption.



IP Printer System

Brady’s (www.bradyid.com) IP Series thermal transfer industrial printer uses smart cell technology to communicate with the material, ribbon and software to assure the correct matching of material and ribbon. Automatic software adjustments for label size, speed or heat improve print time and reduce hassle.