Objects of Interest - January 2007

Light Leak TesterThe Falcon Leak Test System from Cincinnati Test Systems (www.cincinnati-test.com) measures leaks in both headlights and taillights.

Light Leak Tester

The Falcon Leak Test System from Cincinnati Test Systems (www.cincinnati-test.com) measures leaks in both headlights and taillights. The system determines both the leak location and the leak rate. The system deploys In-telense sensors that are capable of detecting helium leaks, their location and magnitude. The system is claimed to be superior to pressure-decay and mass-flow leak detection systems.


Laser Cutting System

Chances are, you’ll never have to use a 5-kW laser to cut through 18-gauge steel at up to 1,000 ipm, but if you had the CL-707 from Cincinnati Inc. (www.e-ci.com), you could. The unit has a linear motor drive that permits 10,000-ipm head positioning. There are 8 x 20-ft interchangeable cutting tables to keep operations moving—up to 320-ft2 of material can be processed without operator attention thanks to an automated pallet change system.


Air-powered Spindle

The Air Power Spindle available form BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling (www.bigkaiser.com) operates at speeds up to 80,000 rpm for micromachining operations. The spindle can be used on existing machining centers. The thermal displacement of the spindle is claimed to be less than 0.001 mm, as compared to up to 0.012 mm of displacement on standard machining center spindles. What’s more, it features a dynamic runout accuracy of less than 0.002 mm.


TRW Wheel Airbags Stay Put

TRW Automotive Safety Systems (www.trwauto.com) has developed asymmetrical airbag technology, complete with a non-rotating driver airbag. The design allows engineers to better tailor airbags for individual vehicles, with the added benefit of providing stationary wheel-mounted multi-function switches. The system utilizes a circumferential gear to keep the airbag module steady. The module will appear in a future European-OEM vehicle.


Gauge for Resistance Welding

The Swivel Head Force Gauge from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (www.huntingdonfusion.com) is designed to measure the force between the electrodes in resistance welders from 0 to 1,000 kg. The unit is switchable so that it reads Newtons or pounds of force, as well. The head assembly is capable of fitting into tight spaces and of dealing with electrodes up to 20 mm in diameter. Fitted with a wrist strap, the unit weighs 1,085 g.


Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The Phasor XS from GE Inspection Technologies (www.ge.com/inspectiontechnologies) is a battery-powered portable unit that weighs less than 4 kg so that it can be used on site for fast inspection. It is based on phased array flaw imaging technology. Offers up to 64 individual channels. There is a high-res TFT screen that shows full-color display of the inspection image. Can use standard ultrasonic probes, or various other types of probes.