4/1/2000 | 2 MINUTE READ

2000 Opens Solidly

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Light vehicle output has kept pace with the accelerated sales tally.


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Light vehicle output has kept pace with the accelerated sales tally. The first quarter of 2000 is forecast to outstrip 1999’s record performance by 4.5%, notching the sixth straight quarter of record output. Light truck offerings will eclipse passenger cars, reaching 52% this quarter, a figure mirrored for the entire year.

Following its competitors, GM is allotting more capacity to light trucks (out producing cars in the first quarter) and is utilizing all tools necessary to drive greater output in this sector. Full-size pickup and SUV offerings are slated to reach 1.42 million units in 2000 at GM, accounting for 55% of GM’s total light truck output. This year marks the end of the GMT400 and 420/425 series of pickups and SUVs. On the car side, a competitive market is expected to take its toll as the new GM2902 (Saturn LS) is dropped well below GM’s expectations to 150,000 units in 2000, equating to 66% of production capacity at GM-Wilmington. Other car programs forecast for lower volumes include GMX130 (-6%), P90 (-20%) and J2-car (-15%).

Ford is rebounding in the passenger car department. Strong launches of the new C170 Focus, D186 Taurus/Sable, and DEW98 LS will carryover into 2000 as volume is slated to decline only 4% from 1999. This despite the shift of Ford-Kansas City to U204 small SUV output by May 2000. On the whole, the launches of the new U152 Explorer/Mountaineer tandem combined with competitive pressures affecting various aging entries equate to stable light truck output year over year.

DaimlerChrysler is undergoing a transitional year wherein 25% of its volume is affected by product changeover: the RS minivan and JR sedans/cabrio. Noting the launches and difficulties with the NPL Neon, volume is forecast to dip 5% versus 1999. On the brighter side, capacity will be constrained for the PT44 Cruiser, raising the expectation that output may be added to DCX-Belvidere over the next two years.

Overall, New Domestic volume is forecast to expand 6% in 2000 on the heels of strong demand for various Toyota entries and Nissan’s Xterra SUV (WQW). In Mexico, VW is slated to expand its export reach for the New Beetle/Jetta (PQ34) to drive its tally above 1999. Honda continues to add North American output with the Odyssey and new Acura CL coupe.


General Motors1Q-002Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car (000’s)     
C5 (Corvette)9.18.632.833-1%
CF4 (Camaro/Firebird)17.916.864.481-21%
G/G-Prem (Luxury FWD Sedans)52.754.6196.114041%
GM2902 (Saturn LS)33.843.2150.761147%
GM4200 (Corsa)22.322.085.085-1%
GMX130 (Grand Am/Alero)105.5103.6384.1408-6%
GMX690 (Aurora/LeSabre/Bonn)63.369.2255.614082%
J2-Car (Cavalier/Sunfire)112.3106.3411.4482-15%
K/K-Spec (Eldo/Deville)0.94.614.877-81%
MS2000 (Cent/Reg/GP/Intrig)191.3176.0674.76691%
P90 (Malibu)61.157.5218.2272-20%
W2-Car (Lumina)9.05.725.2119-79%
Z2-Car (SC/SL/SW)36.261.2204.2238-14%
Total-Passenger Car7167292,7172,874-5%
Light Truck (000’s)     
GMT250 (Aztek)
GMT325 (S10/Sonoma)81.375.4290.2322-10%
GMT330 (Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada)105.096.5347.0395-12%
GMT400/480 (C-K/Sierra)43.338.882.5178-54%
GMT410/20/25/30 (FS-SUV)21.719.341.0378-89%
GMT600 (Express/Savana)43.238.2140.4173-19%
GMT800/880 (Silverado/Sierra)233.0224.0890.68860%
GMT820/830 (FS-SUV)88.196.9406.827NA
GMX110 (Venture/Silh/Montana)68.566.5245.6286-14%
M-Van (Astro/Safari)41.341.8125.9168-25%
Total-Light Truck7276992,6052,820-8%
Total All GM1,4431,4285,3225,694-7%
Ford Motor1Q-002Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car (000’s)     
CDW27-162 (Contour/Mystique)22.86.738.3173-78%
CT120 (Escort)24.922.575.3243-69%
C170 (Focus)100.090.2358.4128181%
D186 (Taurus/Sable)150.5134.6509.6104NA
DEW98 (Lincoln LS)18.319.670.13979%
EN53-114 (Crown Vic/Gr. Marq)66.560.5237.1268-11%
FN145 (Town Car)24.024.884.1823%
FN74 (Continental)6.36.622.927-16%
SN95 (Mustang)50.746.8171.8191-10%
Total-Passenger Car4644121,5681,640-4%
Light Truck (000’s)     
P131 (>8,500 F-Series)123.4119.7451.141110%
PN105/106 (Ranger/B-Series)121.6129.7472.040517%
PN96-102 (F-Series)162.5156.3593.4594-0%
UN105-150 (Explorer/Mountr)130.1107.8284.9559-49%
UN93/173 (Expedition/Navigator)81.076.3290.9299-3%
U204 (Escape/Tribute)0.115.6116.50NA
VN127 (Econoline/Club Wagon)54.858.5210.1233-10%
VX149 (Villager/Quest)18.423.378.695-17%
WIN126 (Windstar)78.570.8270.5303-11%
Total-Light Truck7707582,8892,900-0%
Total All Ford1,2341,1704,4574,539-2%
Daimler Chrysler1Q-002Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car (000’s)     
JA (Cirrus/Stratus/Breeze)62.048.6110.6216-49%
JX27 (Sebring Conv)17.811.229.056-48%
NLH (Intr/Concd/LHS/300M)93.883.7318.2339-6%
NPL (Neon)57.957.9217.6232-6%
SR/PR (Viper/Prowler)
Total-Passenger Car233203750864-13%
Light Truck (000’s)     
AB (Ram Van)20.119.774.384-11%
AN (Dakota)59.753.1186.41729%
DN (Durango)64.654.1210.2217-3%
NS (Caravan/Voyager/T&C)174.6137.3365.1634-42%
PT44 (Cruiser)8.634.1131.80NA
T300 (Ram Pickup)124.9118.3459.5486-5%
TJ (Wrangler)26.323.891.7101-9%
WJ (Grand Cherokee)88.981.6313.0344-9%
W163 (M-Class)21.421.181.385-4%
XJ (Cherokee)52.944.7173.3186-7%
Total-Light Truck6425882,2532,309-2%
Total All DaimlerChrysler8757913,0033,172-5%
New Domestic1Q-002Q-002000CY1999CYY/Y%
Passenger Car by Manufacturer (000’s)     
Auto Alliance:     
J94A (626)
SW164 (Cougar)13.916.057.677-25%
BMW: E36-7 (Z3)11.111.844.948-6%
CAMI: M2-Car (Metro/Swift)10.48.835.836-1%
NE/IN/CO (Accord/TL/CL)125.3129.2494.54598%
VC (Civic/EL)108.2102.5236.8398-41%
FJ22 (Sebring/Avenger)6.67.514.140-65%
ST24 (Eclipse)18.420.667.632109%
ST41 (Galant)17.815.861.562-1%
ZQ (Altima)37.937.6143.5153-6%
HF (Sentra/200SX)
HS (Sentra)2.232.8110.80NA
Sentra (Tsubame/Tsuru)22.217.973.9714%
Subaru-Isuzu: 22C (Legacy)     
66L (Legacy)29.529.3113.05991%
900T (Avalon)30.230.1111.538194%
414T/700T (Camry/Solara)84.085.1324.1349-7%
560T (Corolla/Prizm)89.089.5338.8359-6%
A4 (Jetta/New Beetle)100.496.8384.03578%
Type 1 (Old Beetle)8.27.926.236-28%
Total-Passenger Car7577662,9382,8792%
Light Truck by Manufacturer (000’s)     
BMW: X5 (E53)7.610.941.02NA
CAMI: J3/GMT190 (Track/Vitara)11.511.251.264-20%
Honda: BM (Odyssey)34.333.0148.69655%
D21 (Hardbody)11.29.437.939-2%
WQW (Xterra)21.420.283.85845%
QW (Frontier)26.627.9106.0997%
SIA: UCR145 (SUVs)23.624.692.699-7%
485T (Tacoma)36.137.1144.6153-6%
477T (Sienna)33.832.6123.51212%
800T (Tundra)27.031.2111.45698%
Total-Light Truck23323895178721%
Total All New Dom.9901,0043,8893,6666%
Total Passenger Car2,1692,1117,9738,256-3.4%
Total Light Truck2,3722,2838,6978,815-1.3%
Total Light Vehicle4,5424,39416,67017,071-2.3%