Toyota Makes Millions of Engines in Buffalo

Last week there was a notable event in Buffalo.

Last week there was a notable event in Buffalo. No, not the one known for wings. One that will become known for engines: Buffalo, West Virginia.

That’s the location of the 1.8-million-square-foot engine plant known as Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia (TMMWV).

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The plant, which went into production in 1998, produced its 10-millionth engine last week.


Camry four-cylinder engine

This is the first Toyota engine plant outside of Japan to make that many engines.

The plant has the capacity to make 420,000 four-cylinder engines, 233,000 V6 engines, and 520,000 six-speed automatic transmissions on an annual basis.

While the folks in Torrance, California, at Toyota Motor Sales, probably weren’t too thrilled at their numbers last week—Camry sales were down for the second month in a row and even the Prius is off by 21% compared with April 2012—the people in Buffalo were undoubtedly on top of the world regarding their accomplishment.