Smartwatch Meets Sonata

What do you do when you lose your car in a parking lot?

What do you do when you lose your car in a parking lot?

If you’re like Miles, shown here,


you adjust your watch.

Well, that’s not actually true.

Rather, Miles isn’t adjusting his watch, he is using the Hyundai Blue Link app on his smartwatch, which allows him to do a variety of things, either via touch or voice command, as in “Find my car,” “Lock my car,” and “Start my car.”

Blue Link is Hyundai’s cloud-based telematics platform.

Barry Ratzlaff, executive director, customer connect and service business development, Hyundai Motor America, said, “Connecting to your car through a smartwatch and voice recognition was previously something seen only in science fiction movies. Now, we can provide this capability to owners of Hyundai vehicles equipped with Blue Link.”

To make this work, the smartwatch app must be paired, via Bluetooth, to an owner’s smartphone that has the Blue Link mobile app. Then as long as the phone has a Bluetooth, cellular or Internet connection, the smartwatch can provide the Blue Link functionality (also including things like calling roadside assistance, which one would assume a phone would be used to do, but nowadays. . . .).

Hyundai is demoing the Blue Link smartwatch app this week at CES on Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and LG smartwatches.

And the plan is to have it Apple Watch-capable when that unit launches.