Nissan Paint for. . .Phones?

Word out of Europe is that Nissan is beta testing an. . .iPhone case.


Word out of Europe is that Nissan is beta testing an. . .iPhone case. No, this isn’t simply a case that affixes a Nissan vehicle name and logo to the device, but it actually has automotive technology: the “self-healing” paint finish that Nissan developed in 2005 with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc., and which is used on various Nissan and Infiniti models.


The case itself is made with ABS plastic. The “Scratch Shield” paint that’s applied to the plastic case is made from polyrotaxane. Apparently, when this material is scratched, depending on the severity of the scratch it can flow back into the void, thereby “healing” the scratch.

According to Bob Laishley, Overseas Program Director, Business Development, Nissan Europe, “We’re really excited about the possibilities provided by this technology. In Japan, we’ve already linked up with the world-leading mobile operator NTT DoCoMo to allow them to use the Scratch Shield technology on its Style Series N-03B mobile phones, and we think this technology has real scope beyond the automotive world.”

No word how effective it is against door-dings.