Mercedes Invests Billions in Tuscaloosa


Dr. Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the Daimler Board of Management and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars—and once the beloved “Dr. Z”, at least commercially—has announced that Daimler is investing more than $2-billion in the Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa, Alabama, plant. Yes, that’s billion.

Zetsche stated, “Tuscaloosa was the first production location of Mercedes-Benz Cars ever outside Germany, and today it is among our best. As our ‘pioneering plant,’ is is also the blueprint for our new operations in emerging markets.”


Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa plant

The Tuscaloosa plant started vehicle production in 1997. The first product was the Mercedes M-Class, which has been built there since, including the recently introduced model. In addition to which, it has produced GL and R-Class vehicles.

And by 2014 it will produce the next-generation C-Class for the North American model.


Mercedes M-Class

When asked what the $2-billion-plus will be spent on, the response was “the production of the new M-Class, the successor generations of the GL-Class and the C-Class, and the expansion of production capacities.”

Which seems to indicate they’re investing a considerable amount of money in production—to understate the case.