Is Cadillac a Truck Brand?


“Cadillac? Do you mean that truck brand?”

When a colleague said that to me yesterday, I thought it was just a bit of cattiness, as the person in question works for a company competitive with General Motors’ luxury brand.

Trucks are GMC. Trucks are Chevy. Trucks are Cadillac?

It didn’t seem so.


2013 Cadillac SRX

Sure, Cadillac sells SUVs, but the whole Escalade thing is WAY over, and there are the CTS and the new ATS, notable cars.

With the release of today’s sales figures, I looked.

And found that trucks dominate Cadillac sales.

As in, the total number of cars sold this year—including ATS, CTS, DTS, STS, and XTS—is 53,003.

And if we look at the number of trucks—Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT, and SRX—the total is 64,014.


2013 Cadillac CTS

Perhaps more telling are the numbers 40,809 and 45,745. The first is the number of CTSes sold so far this year, which is down 10.9%. The second is the number of SRXes sold so far this year, which is up 2.0%.

The SRX is the biggest-selling model in Cadillac dealer showrooms.

Maybe it is a truckish brand.  For now.

(To be fair, however, it should be noted that so far Chevy’s #1 selling car is the Cruze, of which 199,721 have been moved, and its  #1 selling truck is the Silverado, with 336,939 units, a larger delta than between the SRS and the CTS.)