Fuel Efficiency Falls in June—Sort Of

In June, SUV and van sales were very good for Ford.

In June, SUV and van sales were very good for Ford.

The sales of the Explorer were up 30% compared with June 2014. And the same is true for the Ford Edge.

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Things were even better for Ford van sales, which were up 31% compared with last year.

In fact, Ford vans had their best June since 1999. June 1999 was the year the Napster first appeared. It’s been that long.

Overall, sales of light trucks did exceedingly well in June, and not just for Ford.

Anyway, over at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) researchers monitor overall vehicle sales and calculate the miles per gallon that those sales represent.

And while it is true that the miles per gallon for a given SUV or other light truck variant are better today that in the past, when you make the overall calculation, including cars in the mix, then it isn’t entirely surprising that they found a decrease in the fuel economy for the month of June.


However, it is just by 0.1 mpg, so it is not like a comparative Deepwater Horizon event on land.

Actually, the 25.4 mpg in June is pretty good for the year so far.

That is, the UMTRI researchers calculated that it was 25.4 mpg for January, 25.2 for February, 25.4 in March, 25.2 in April, and 25.5 mpg in May. That would be an average of 25.3 for those months, which means that the 25.4 mpg for June is actually above average.

Go figure.