Amelia Island & Automotive History

Bill Warner tells a story of how he was holding a seminar at which Sir Stirling Moss—was to speak.

Bill Warner tells a story of how he was holding a seminar at which legendary race car driver Sir Stirling Moss was to speak. A few days before the event, he received a phone call from Mrs. Moss, who told Warner that her husband had broken both of his ankles, and would be unable to attend.

So Warner picked up the phone and called Carroll Shelby, who came in Moss’s stead.

Bill Warner has a Rolodex like that. He also has a fascinating association with some of the most superb cars—racing cars and road cars alike—as he is the man behind the Amelia Island Concours.

K Kia K900

Warner, founder and chairman of the event, which has been held since 1996,talks about cars and the people associated with the cars in a way that is both encyclopedic and engaging, in the latest “Autoline After Hours.”

Eliciting information from Warner are John Manoogian, former GM designer and current facility member of the College for Creative Studies, host John McElroy, and me.

In addition to which, Manoogian, McElroy and I discuss a variety of topics, from the Kia K900 premium sedan to the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study results.

If nothing else, you’ve got to watch this episode if for no other reason than to hear Warner and Manoogian talk about some of the most impressive automotive designs in the history of the industry.

The Concours, which Manoogian says is on par with Pebble Beach and St. John’s, will be held this year March 7-9. You can learn more here.