A Quick Word About Some January Vehicle Sales



That’s the word that seems appropriate, pretty much across the board, as the vehicle manufacturers are showing strength pretty much across the board—and many of them are selling a heck of a lot more trucks than they did in January 2010.

Ford actually had a 0.4% in car sales, while its utility sales were up 16.8% and trucks gained 24.6%. At Chrysler Group, the bright spots were the Town & Country (up 45%), the Grand Cherokee (up 130%), the Caravan (up 82%), and the Durango—beyond bright to laser intensity—was up 5,113% (OK, so they sold 23 in January 2010 and 1,199 this year).


At GM there seems to be balance if you group it this way: cars up 39%, crossovers up 35%, trucks up 34%. But if you put the crossovers and the trucks together. . . .

Even Toyota is back, with a 14.7% increase in cars but a 36.5% increase in trucks.

And one of the most odd developments is at American Honda: its car sales were down 7.4% but trucks were up 46%. Honda. Trucks.

According to Gas Buddy, U.S. average regular gas prices were below $2.77 a gallon in January 2010 but during the past month they’ve climbed from below $3.00 to about a dime above.

Wonder how all of those new trucks are going to be working out. . ..