Case Studies

Case Studies

Stratasys technology has been used in the automotive manufacturing industry for more than twenty years. Automotive design and manufacturing engineers use FDM technology for modeling and prototyping, as well as manufacturing end use parts. Vast experience, coupled with leading Stratasys FDM technology is why so many choose Stratasys products and services.

Read case studies to learn how this technology is streamlining design and manufacturing in the automotive industry.


Nasa Case Study

NASA's human-supporting rover has FDM parts

"You always want it to be as light as possible, but you also want it to be strong enough."

— Chris Chapman, NASA test engineer


Joe Gibbs Case Study

One day and one labor-hour is all that’s needed for waterjet cutting fixture.

"We didn’t even give CNC machining a second thought. It was obvious that FDM was our best option."

— Mark Bringle, Joe Gibbs Racing



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