Yes, You Can Buy a Diesel-Hybrid—In Europe

The Peugeot 508 Hybrid4.

 Sometimes you hear people who are interested in achieving fuel efficiency ask why hybrids don’t use a diesel as the combustion portion rather than some variant of an Atkinson cycle engine. Well, actually there is one OEM that has done just that, Peugeot. The company has recently launched (mid-June) the third variant of Hybrid4 technology, the 508 sedan with what Peugeot calls its “Full Hybrid Diesel.”

This setup combines a 163-hp, 2.0-liter diesel engine with a 37-hp electric motor. It offers four-wheel drive and a full-electric mode.
What’s exceedingly impressive is that on the EU combined driving mode it gets 78.5 mpg on the combined cycle, and this is no small car. It is 189-in. long, has an 111-in. wheelbase, is 57-in. high, and 73-in. wide.
According to Peugeot, it is targeted, in part, at “BtoB customers or in countries where there are high fiscal incentives related to CO2 emissions.” As for the latter, it generates 95 g/km CO2. And as for why it would be a consideration for fleet sales is that it starts at about $48,000.