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When you need to power your cell phone in most cars, you either need to use the outlet that was previously known as the “cigarette lighter” or look for a USB connector, typically hidden in the center console. 

But for the 2015 Cadillac ATS (and then the CTS and then the Escalade), a development from Visteon Automotive Systems (visteon.com) makes it a whole lot easier.

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What’s more, unlike the ordinary approaches, no cords are required.

Visteon has developed a wireless charging system that it says is first-to-market. What’s interesting about this is that there are two wireless charging standards—the Powermat from the Power Matters Alliance and Qi from the Wireless Power Consortium—and the Visteon system accommodates both.

Albert Faraj, vice president, Americas, Visteon’s electronics business, said of the electromagnetic charging system, “It was designed so that it can be integrated into a number of locations within the cockpit, such as the center console or an area in the instrument panel.”

In the case of the ATS, it is located inside a covered container in the center console.