Welded with Laser

ELC series machine from EMAG

This is a gear for a dual-clutch transmission. What you can’t see is that this gear has been laser welded with an ELC series machine from EMAG (emag.com). What happens is that components are combined in a joining press, then welded with the solid state laser that has stationary  optics. Explains Dr. Andreas Mootz, managing director, EMAG Automation, “The process allows you to concentrate a carefully dosed amount of energy emitted by the laser beam on the welding point, minimizing possible warping, while still achieving high welding speeds.”

Just as dual-clutch transmissions are designed to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles, the use of the solid-state laser (EMAG offers disk and fiber types), the energy efficiency achieved is on the order of 20%, compared with some 8% for a CO2 laser.