Peugeot Interior Style

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it is headquartered in Paris where a sense of style is transcendent, but Peugeot actually has a name for the instrument panel of its 208, 2008 and 308 models, albeit one that is somewhat hackneyed, at least for those who have long lived with Apple-oriented wannabes: i-Cockpit.

Be that as it may, it is an interesting approach.

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They’ve just launched the second generation of the i-Cockpit. One feature of the first gen was a smaller diameter steering wheel. They’ve made the new one even more compact, for the purposes of enhancing both leg space and the driver’s field of view.

There is an instrumentation display, 12.3-inches, about which Peugeot says (and we quote because graphics designers at other companies should be so lucky that they have their products described like this), “The aesthetics of each configuration are heightened by animations and transitions that are a pleasure to behold.” Then there is a tablet-like, 8-inch touchscreen in the center of the instrument panel. 

One nice touch is that even though they have decided to forego buttons, there is a series of chromed toggle switches on the dash for such things as the defroster and seat heaters.

Something that is absolutely Parisian is a standard scent diffuser.