12/22/2011 | 2 MINUTE READ

New Machines from Mazak

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Here are some new machines that you should know about from Mazak.


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Advanced Turning on Large Parts

The ORBITEC 20 is designed to handle valves and other large, odd-shaped parts (i.e., transmission cases, transfer cases) that are either too big or too awkward to process on conventional turning machines. And unlike a conventional turning machine, the ORBITEC 20 generates turned part features by keeping the workpiece stationary and moving only the cutting tool. The key to this is its Mazak patented, internally counter-balanced headstock. Its unique circle-within-a-circle design offers linear interpolated X-axis tool movement, which ensures that tool tips face either toward or away from the centerline of rotation as the tool orbits the workpiece so as to reduce part interference because nothing is protruding beyond the rotating headstock. The ORBITEC 20 headstock offers a turning diameter up to 20 in. The machine also features a two-pallet changer, an 11.02-in X-axis stroke, a 23.62-in. stroke on the U and V axes and a 48.43-in. Z-axis stroke. Its toolchanger stores up to 60 tools. Equipped with a 40-hp, 600-rpm integrated motor spindle. Maximum feedrate is 787 ipm. 

High-Performance CNC Turning
The MULTIPLEX 6200-II Y multi-axis CNC turning center for medium- to high-volume manufacturing of things like steering components (bar diameters up to 2 in., shaft lengths up to 21 in., chucked workpiece lengths up to 7 in., and diameters up to 10.24 in.). It features dual 30-hp, 5,000-rpm spindles which each offer an 8-in. chuck size and 2.4-in bore size, and twin VDI-type turrets; each hold up to 12 tools. This twin-spindle, twin-turret configuration enables flexible machining: parts can be machined independently in each spindle or one operation can be completed on one spindle/turret and then transferred to the second spindle/turret for a separate operation via an automatic workpiece transfer. The machine can be integrated with workpiece conveyors and gantry robot systems for extended unattended operation.
High-Speed Turn/Mill
The INTEGREX e-420HS-II is a combination turn/mill that’s able to complete turning, milling, boring and drilling in a single setup. It features two 40-hp, 4,000-rpm opposed turning spindles, each of which provide C-axis control. The machine also features a 30-hp, 12,000-rpm integral motor milling spindle that rotates 240º in the B-axis and delivers simultaneous five-axis, high-speed milling. It features a maximum swing of 26.4 in. and a 16.5-in. Y-axis. A 40-tool magazine is standard.
HMC for Hard Metals
Mazak Corp. now offers its Nexus 6800-II horizontal machining center with a hard metal option—it can machine materials including titanium. It features a 50-hp, 6,000-rpm integral motor spindle that generates 1,042 ft-lb of torque and accelerates to full speed in three seconds. It offers a 41.34 x 35.43 x 38.58-in (X, Y, Z) work envelope and comes standard with a dual pallet changer that can handle workpieces up to 24.80 x 24.80 in and 3,307 lb. Feedrate is 1,890 ipm. It stores up to 43 tools.


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