Microforging on a Machining Center


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Although the process has an unusual name—“dengeling”—if you’re looking for a way to finish and harden machined parts without resorting to a secondary operation like grinding or shot peening, dengeling might be the ticket.

Starrag USA Inc. (starrag.com) has developed a tool that performs dengeling on its five-axis machining centers. The tool is fitted right into a conventional toolholder. The business end of the tool is a tungsten carbide ball. There is electromechanical actuation of the tool at a pulse of up to 600 Hz. What’s occurring is “microforging.” The surface boundary layers are modified to a depth of 10 mm.

The roughness value that can be attained on the part surface is 0.2 µm Ra.

While the process can be used for aerospace turbine blades, it also has applicability in producing molds and dies, where a hard, smooth surface is required.