4/25/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

Material for an Audi Interior Component

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Center console made with a resin from Styron Automotive for the Audi Q3.


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As Audi continues to have what are widely considered to be best-in-class interiors, it may be worthwhile to note one of the materials used in the Q3 (a compact SUV; a model not available in the U.S.) used for producing an interior component for the center console.

It’s a polycarbonate (PC)/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) blend named PULSE GX50 from Swiss resin supplier Styron Automotive (styronautomotive.com).

Here’s an interesting thing about it: Says Marjolein Groeneweg, marking manager, for the firm, “An important aspect for automotive suppliers is the effective use of materials. They are always looking for ways to use lighter and cheaper plastics while meeting the high safety and environmental standards. PULSE GX50 complies precisely with such needs and that is one of the main reasons it was a success from the start.”

While “cheaper” might be an issue with translation, it indicates that even Audi has to watch its Euros.

According to Styron, GX50 is “more economical” than its own PULSE A35-105 engineer resin due to its lower ratio of PC to ABS. While meeting the needs of the application, there is a 3% weight save and a 7% cost save.

In addition to this part, other applications for the material are lower instrument panels, glove boxes, and vents.


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