Keep It Clean. Really Clean.

CleanCHK system from ASPEX.

The last thing you want in your manufacturing operations when cleanliness is critical is even the smallest amount of something that doesn’t belong there to be present in the production operation. While there are gravimetric methods for monitoring particulate contamination, they generally don’t provide information regarding the source (and chemical composition) of the contamination. So enter the CleanCHK system from ASPEX (  It is a highly precise system that deploys SEM-EDX—scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive X-ray—technology. It can perform automated particle counting, data collection, and reporting. It is integrated and rugged, so it can be deployed right on the production floor. The results are obtained in just minutes. What’s more, while this may sound like it might be highly complex, the user interface is designed so that production staff require minimal training to operate the analyzer.