JLR Opens SVO Tech Center

Jaguar Land Rover is upping its game as in July it opened the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Technical Center, a 20,000-square-meter, £20-million facility near Coventry in the U.K.

According to John Edwards, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, “The new Special Vehicle Operations Technical Center is a major step forward in meeting the desires of our most discerning customers. There are more than 200 skilled employees here that are committed to outstanding quality and craftsmanship in everything they do.”

He said the SVO Tech Center was inspired by a Formula 1 engineering center. It includes manufacturing operations, paint shops, a technical facility, and offices.The largest part of the tech center is for painting. It measures 12,000 square meters and includes 546 meters of conveyor belts that transport the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles throughout.

The approach they want to take at the SVO Technical Center is to have customers go there and determine exactly how they’d like their vehicles to be kitted. Greg Clark, Director of Vehicle Personalization, said, “We will encourage customers to participate in the design of their own vehicles, to give a real sense of emotional connection to something that they have created; something unique.”

Clark added, “Our aim is to progressively grow our portfolio to cater to, and exceed, the desires of our most discerning customers.”

There is another reason why the company’s customers might want to visit the SVO Technical Center: Michelin-starred chef Graham Edwards is on staff there; he will create dishes for the clients on site.