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Although Autodesk, Inc. (autodesk.com) is widely known for its CAD software, it also owns HSMWorks (hsmworks.com), a supplier of CAM software. What’s interesting to note is that Autodesk is open to other CAD vendors with its CAM offering, as it introduced HSMWorks 2015 with support for SolidWorks 2015—and SolidWorks Corp. (solidworks.com) comes from Dassault (3ds.com). As Robert Kross, senior vp at Autodesk put it, “This new release is a great example of our ongoing commitment to our customers, regardless of which CAD system they use.” Among the improvements to the software are updates to Adaptive Clearing for high-efficiency roughing operations and to stock simulation, with improved performance in 3D mode, which is useful for those who work with large models with 3D and sculpted surfaces.

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