Harman System Sounds Safe

When you think of Harman International Industries (harmon.com), you may think of the various audio systems that the company produces, such as Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon, Mark Levinson and Revel.

Entertainment, yes.

But safety?

Turns out that Harman produces technology for automotive safety, as well.

Case in point: the Reverse Pedestrian Detection system, which is based on advanced software, taking advantage of the existing cameras and ultrasonic sensors that are used for backup sensing systems on an increasing number of vehicles. In addition to which, the Harman system uses steering wheel angle and vehicle speed data to calculate probable collision trajectories. The camera—a fish-eye type—is used for detecting pedestrians behind the vehicle while the ultrasonic sensors perform close pedestrian verification.

According to Danny Atsmon, senior director of machine learning at Harman, “As we work toward bringing this software to automakers”—and it is available now—“we have adopted an approach that will enable the software to be housed in existing vehicle infotainment systems to minimize the cost and designed to fit into as many automaker’s vehicles as possible.”

And Harmon certainly has the infotainment systems to house it.


The Harman Reverse Pedestrian Detection system—based on improved machine vision algorithms—increases rear visibility for vehicles.